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Welcome to the ProMED-mail publication list page. Here you will find various documents and weblinks that make reference to ProMED-mail or may have been referenced in other areas of the ProMED-mail website.
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  1. Myanmar Health Facilities - A Google Earth saved session showing a complete listing of health facilities in Myanmar (requires Google Earth version 4 or later).
    You can download Google Earth from
    Note for users: From within Google Earth, you can overlay the path of Cyclone Nargis by entering "cyclone nargis path" into the 'Fly to' window of Google Earth.
  2. K. Ben Jebara & A. Shimshony, International monitoring and surveillance of animal diseases using official and unofficial sources. Veterinaria Italiana, 42 (4), 431-441.
    PDF Version (95kb)
  3. Peter Cowen, Tam Garland, Martin E. Hugh-Jones, Arnon Shimshony, Stuart Handysides, Donald Kaye, Lawrence C. Madoff, Marjorie P. Pollack, Jack Woodall. Evaluation of ProMED-mail as an electronic early warning system for emerging animal diseases: 1996 to 2004.
    JAVMA, Vol 229, No. 7, October 1, 2006 pp. 1090-1099.
    PDF Version (352kb)
  4. Madoff L., Cooperation between animal and human health sectors is key to the detection, surveillance, and control of emerging disease, IMED 2007 meeting in Vienna, February 2007.
    Euro Surveill 2006;11(12):E061221.4.
    PDF Version (160kb)
  5. Lawrence C. Madoff and John P. Woodall, The Internet and the Global Monitoring of Emerging Diseases: Lessons from the First 10 Years of ProMED-mail
    Archives of Medical Research, Volume 36, Issue 6, November-December 2005, Pages 724-730
    PDF Version (100Kb)
  6. Lawrence C. Madoff, ProMED-mail: An Early Warning System for Emerging Diseases, Clinical Infectious Diseases 2004; 39:227–32.
    PDF Version (606kb)
  7. Woodall, John P. Global surveillance of emerging diseases: the ProMED-mail perspective. Cad. Saúde Pública. [online]. 2001, vol.17 suppl. [cited 28 July 2005], p.147-154.
    PDF Version (66 kb)
    ISSN 0102-311X.
  8. Woodall, J. Combating Infectious Disease & Toxin Outbreaks, Natural & Man-made, through the Internet, ©2004 PowerPoint Document (205 kb)
  9. Woodall, J. SIM Quarterly, Outbreak meets the Internet: Global epidemic monitoring by ProMED-mail, June 1997PDF Version (87 kb)
  10. Stephen S. Morse, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg and Jack Woodall, Global Monitoring of Emerging Diseases: Design for a Demonstration Program, Health Policy, 38 (1996) 135-153. PDF Version (75 kb)
  11. Stephen S. Morse, Controlling Infectious Diseases, May 1993PDF Version (28 Kb)

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