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ISID Council
The Council assists the Executive Committee in managing ISID's activities through participation on committees and working groups. The Council is distributed according to World Health Organization regions to ensure that all regions of the world are represented in the governing structure of the Society. Council members serve a six-year term. The Nominations Committee proposes candidates to fill vacancies in the Council. Society members vote on the recommendations of the Nominations Committee at the biennial meeting. Any member in good standing may submit his or her name to the Nominations Committee for consideration for Council membership.

Council Members

Guillermo Acuña, Chile
John Bartlett, USA
Mohamed Benbachir, Morocco
S. M. Bhatt, Kenya
Nabin Bodonaik, Jamaica
Rosa Bologna, Argentina
Mary Jane Cardosa, Malaysia
Jon Cohen, UK
Ron Dagan, Israel
Adriano G. Duse, South Africa
Luiza-Helena Falleiros-Carvalho, Brazil
Le Dang Ha, Vietnam
Waleria Hryniewicz, Poland
Moses Kamya, Uganda
Meinoif Karthaus, Germany
Gustavo Kouri, Cuba
Vladimir Krcmery, Slovakia
Philippe Lepage, Belgium

Donald Low, Canada
Chewe Luo, Zambia
Ziad Memish, Saudi Arabia
Patricia Munoz, Spain
Emanuele Nicastri, Italy
Alaine Nyaruhirira, Rwanda
Carla Odio, Costa Rica
Nobuhiko Okabe, Japan
Franco Paradisi, Italy
Samuel Ponce de Leon, Mexico
Mahbubur Rahman, Bangladesh
Atef Shibl, Saudi Arabia
Jaime Torres, Venezuela
Asda Vibhagool, Thailand
Fu Wang, China
Sin Yew Wong, Singapore

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